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The First Accurate Mani Monday

Mani Monday

Happy Monday everyone! It’s been a difficult few days here at Magpie Making Do – my grandmother had some surgery (it was minor and went well, but there’s always anxiety when she has to be put under and stay in the hospital now that she’s past 80 years of age) and one of my parents’ cats, Genghis Khan (who really been “my” cat since we got him as a kitten 13 years ago. I was in 8th grade and he immediately attached himself to me and hasn’t let go since – and neither have I for that matter) is not doing well at all. My mom and I had a heartbreaking discussion about it the other night, and it’s looking like it’s starting to near the end for my Genghis buddy. So when I was doing my nails last night I decided I needed some sparkle in my life to distract from the sadness and anxiety – so sparkle it is.

This is Maybelline Color Show – Gilded Rose, from the Brocades collection that came out last fall. The polish name is particularly appropriate because I’m in the middle of covering the Gilded Age in my lectures – an era so named for the sparkly patina of success and progress that, well… gilded the deeper, more sinister problems of the age.

Ah, history and nail polish… two things that almost always perk me up, at least a little on the surface!

(P.S. – sorry for the slight blur… that glitter and shine is hard to photograph!)

6 thoughts on “The First Accurate Mani Monday”

    1. Thanks. It’s definitely hard to think about. He’s still pretty perky and himself – not in pain or anything, and that almost makes it harder to face the reality of the situation. They really become a part of our families, don’t they? Grumpiness and all.

      1. I suppose as long as he isn’t in pain he’s okay. But it is hard watching them get old, especially when you’ve had him since he was a kitten. The only thing you can do is make sure they are happy and spoil him. Give him loads of treats. Chicken, beef, cake (my cat loves cake).

        1. Yea, that’s what we’re trying to do. The little dude is tenacious, that’s for sure. We think he has a tumor growing in his hip joint, and it’s hampering his mobility and we think pinching off the feeling back there – hence the no pain thing. We’re just trying to spoil the daylights out of him while he can still enjoy it.

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