Getting Gutsy with Emerald Jeans

Yet another Playing with Polyvore Pop Jeans feature – this time with my Emerald Jeans. I bought these last year when Emerald was the Pantone color of the year, and just never really got around to wearing them. After playing around a bit on Polyvore, I feel really silly for neglecting them, because of all my color pop jeans, I feel like these work with color blocking the best! So many outfits I could have worn! I could have actually been on trend for the first time in my life!

Ah, C’est la vie… I guess I’ll just have to rock them this year instead. Better late than never I guess. Although, that may not be the smartest thing to say about fashion… fairly sure I’ll never wear that popcorn shirt again – 2002 can keep those forever as far as I’m concerned.

I’m starting to feel more confident about my sense of style as I put together more of these sets – I’m really hoping it starts showing in my actual wardrobe choices this year. As always, I stuck with pieces that are similar to things I have (yes, I have an emerald and blue purse – though mine’s tartan, not color blocked… what can I say: I have a pretty big purse and shoe problem). I think my favorite is a tie between the blue and green set, and the one with the rabbit sweater (which will be my gift to myself come next paycheck).

What’s your favorite?

8 thoughts on “Getting Gutsy with Emerald Jeans”

  1. hahhaha that popcorn shirt! I’ve noticed a big difference in my outfit creations since I’ve started playing around on polyvore and in pinterest. I feel like the more time I spend building and re-building outfits the more thoughtful I am when picking them out for real.
    Also- these pants are perfect for parade day! I tend to wear a lot of whites and camel colors so that second to last set is my favorite.

    1. I was thinking parade day, and actually tried pairing them with some orange for the occasion, but then I remembered what I do on parade day and decided maybe wearing my expensive, nice, and easily stainable jeans wouldn’t be such a good idea! Hahaha St. Patrick’s Day itself is a possibility, but then again that’s the Monday of break. Not even sure I’ll be putting ON real pants!

    1. It’s totally affordable, too! I was shocked – most of the stuff I find and love on polyvore costs more than my car is worth by this point! I just hope the fit is alright once I get around to ordering it.

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