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30 Days of Gratitude and Reflection

As you’ve probably figured out by now, I’m not usually one for making a blog post every day. I normally don’t really have the time or energy required to do that. And so a lot of “blog challenges” aren’t really something I ever take on or complete - particularly if they’re formatted in an “every… Continue reading 30 Days of Gratitude and Reflection

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What’s Up, Thursday?

Because we’ve had a bunch of pre-scheduled posts in a row, I wanted to do a quick “currently” post yesterday (The title “What’s Up, Wednesday?” just sounds SO MUCH BETTER), but I kiiiinnnndddd of let yesterday get away from me. It all started when I started trying to find the text of the eyewitness testimony… Continue reading What’s Up, Thursday?

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Last-minute DIY Valentine’s Day Roundup

I don't do roundups much, but with Valentine's Day coming up TOMORROW (I know, right? When did that happen, and what happened to January?) I figured a quick roundup of fast, last-minute DIY projects from around the web might be just the ticket. Starting with these adorable heart-shaped friendship bracelets from HonestlyWTF (pictured above -… Continue reading Last-minute DIY Valentine’s Day Roundup

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12 Books for 2015

As I said in my New Year's Goals post, I read a ton throughout the year - but rarely get the opportunity to read a whole book solely for myself. I've just slipped out of the habit of using my free time for pleasure reading. And I miss it. So this year I made it… Continue reading 12 Books for 2015

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New Year’s Mani Monday

Just a quickie for our first Mani Monday of 2015. Apologies for the slightly blurry photo - I had to use my phone for this one since I forgot my big camera over the holidays (although it shows off the sparkle quite nicely!). My manicure for the Christmas holidays was a simple one, with polishes… Continue reading New Year’s Mani Monday

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New Year, New Goals

This year I've decided that instead of making general resolutions, I'm going to try to set slightly more specific goals. While I had a moderate amount of success with some of my plans from last year, the ones that I failed the most at were the ones that could have easily been made more specific… Continue reading New Year, New Goals

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HAPPY 2015!!!

Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a happy and fun-filled holiday season - the Christmas/New Year's season is by far one of my busiest, so I'm still playing catch-up a bit here. I've got a couple New Year's related posts on the docket for the next week, but in general am still cleaning stuff… Continue reading HAPPY 2015!!!

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A “Meh”rry Christmas…

Christmas is my favorite holiday. Hands down. People like me are the reason Christmas stuff is already flooding store shelves in October. Starting the day after Thanksgiving, I basically turn into a 5 year old as the lights and decorations start getting dragged out - that is, if I haven't already gotten too excited and… Continue reading A “Meh”rry Christmas…

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I’m Thankful For…

So... uhhh... I guess it's a week and a half into December? What? When did that happen? But... uhhh... I haven't even made my Thanksgiving thankful for post yet. Whoops. I SWEAR Thanksgiving was just yesterday. SWEAR. But anyway, this year I'm thankful for the little things. My schedule has made for a very overwhelming… Continue reading I’m Thankful For…