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July/August Wrap-Up and September Goals

The last two months have been just an absolute whirlwind. There’s some pretty big and significant life-changes that have been going on behind the scenes here at Magpie over the last few weeks that have been simultaneously super-exciting, and absolutely terrifying. I won't say too much about it all on here until all is said… Continue reading July/August Wrap-Up and September Goals

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June Wrap-Up and July Goals

Ah, another month gone, another goals wrap-up post - and June did NOT go as smoothly in terms of goals as I hoped it would. That said, it wasn’t quite the total failure that it could have been. So how’d I do? Well, June was a strange one this year. I spent the first two… Continue reading June Wrap-Up and July Goals

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For the Last Week…

If you follow my instagram you may have noticed that my last two photos have been a little… unseasonal looking? Considering I hail from Northeastern Pennsylvania and the place has been cold and grey and snowy for the last month or so, my photos definitely may have seemed a little out of place. Well, that’s… Continue reading For the Last Week…

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Arts on the Square

Saturday me and the boys drove down to Scranton (NEPA's largest major city center) to attend the 2nd annual Arts on the Square, which is essentially a gigantic craft fair that wraps all the way around Scranton's Courthouse Square. The event is organized by ScrantonMade, a group that does an amazing job promoting the arts… Continue reading Arts on the Square

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FINALLY Finished.

Today I have some photos from our annual end-of-the-year retreat with the students at the lake property our university owns, and some good news! I FINALLY finished First into Nagasaki. This has become the breaking point for me, and I've finally just accepted that I cannot read for pleasure during the semester. It's simply not… Continue reading FINALLY Finished.

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Another Quick NYC Trip… With a Few Broken Rules

So I went to NYC last week for two days with my Mom. I never know how to handle these posts about our trips to NYC... my writing about them always seems too "boring vacation photo slide projector presentation." We live in relatively close proximity to NYC - it's only about 2-3 hours in depending… Continue reading Another Quick NYC Trip… With a Few Broken Rules

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Quick NYC Trip

Last week we made a quick day trip up to NYC for a very special occasion: My brother’s senior recital! After 4 long years of toil at the Julliard School, he’s gearing up to graduate, and I couldn’t be more proud of him. The final hurdle (besides finishing spring semester) for a music student is… Continue reading Quick NYC Trip