Wearing Coral Jeans

I’ve been getting a little better at using, and I’m finding it an excellent resource for experimenting with what to wear with what. Specifically, I have a number of color pop jeans that were gifted to me that sadly spend most of their time hanging in my closet. Not because I don’t love them, but because I have NO CLUE what to wear with them. I’ll pull them out in the morning, look desperately from them, to my closet then to the clock, and ultimately swap them out for my regular non-colorful jeans.

Now, I teach in jeans more often than not. Nice jeans, with nice shirts and nice shoes – but jeans nonetheless because my work day runs from 8 am to 10 pm most nights thanks to the multiple job thing. I’ve gotta be comfortable being in the same clothes for that long. Utilizing the color pop jeans more seems like a great way to mix up my look, dress a little more “my age,” and stay comfortable all at the same time.

I’ve started with my coral jeans. I tried to stick with things that I have similar items to in my closet (since it does me no good to use stuff I don’t have – I can’t buy ANYTHING right now). The one exception are those Hunter Wellies… I love them so much I think I’m going to sock away money for the next six months for them. Hopefully they’re still selling them when my $1 here $1 there saving can finally match the price (why, oh WHY do they have to be $195??)

I struggled a lot with what colors to pair with them, so as you can see I stayed pretty neutral. Do you guys have any advice for wearing coral jeans??

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