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Mani Monday: Julep Glam Rock

Julep Glam Roc no topcoat

This is Julep’s Glam Roc, which came in my February Maven Box. For those of you not familiar with the Julep Maven Program (and disclaimer – I’m not a Julep representative, just a loyal customer) it’s a subscription box service that sends you Julep nail polish and beauty products in the mail each month. When you join you take a style profile quiz, and what box you get is tailored to that. However, unlike other subscription box services you can change your style profile at will, and you get to see what’s in your box each month before they send it – you have a 3 or 4 day window in which you can choose to change your style profile (or skip the month all together) if you decide you don’t like what’s in your box or would prefer another. The fact that you have the option to skip a box is totally invaluable for someone pinching pennies like me. It’s $19.99 a box, and the first box is free. You can also earn free boxes through the rewards program – 2000 Jules = 1 free box, and you get jules each time you take a monthly box and for any friends you refer to the program. (So if you intend to join, use this link to or click the button at the bottom of this post so I can get credit for the referral!).

I know a lot of prominent nail bloggers don’t like the program because of some hiccups, glitches, and other issues they experienced when the program first launched, but I joined last year and have nothing but great things to say about the program. All the glitches seem to have been ironed out, and to be honest, their customer service has been nothing but amazing in every instance I’ve dealt with them. In fact, the story of how I got this color is a great example – my February Maven box actually arrived to me empty. The box was crushed and had the product torn out – only the tissue paper and packaging were left. The woman at my post office said it looked like a typical case of internal mail theft – it had arrived in that condition to them – and she made a report of it. She told me to contact the company about it to let them know what happened. Most companies won’t replace stolen product, but she said it would be worth a shot.

And I was admittedly skeptical about it – after all, it wasn’t Julep’s fault. But I went ahead and did it anyway, and frankly they were amazing. They had a replacement box in the mail to me almost immediately after they verified the post office report, and were polite and wonderful the whole time.

But anyway… the polish! I’m admittedly not a texture nail polish fan. I have tried both the China Glaze Texture polishes, and the OPI Liquid Sands and I hated them. They just feel so weird on the nail, and in my opinion just look horrible. However, the Stardust Finish here is by far the most wearable texture polish I’ve encountered. The texture is not too extreme – the polish isn’t heavy or chunky, and I’m not hyper aware of the texture every second it’s on my nails – and the finish is actually really cool. Matte, but still sparkly.

Overall, this is probably going to be the one texture polish I not only keep – but actually use in normal, everyday life. Home run for Julep.

Are you a Julep fan? How about texture polishes: love/hate/meh?

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