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Another Quick NYC Trip… With a Few Broken Rules

The Met full with fountain

So I went to NYC last week for two days with my Mom. I never know how to handle these posts about our trips to NYC… my writing about them always seems too “boring vacation photo slide projector presentation.” We live in relatively close proximity to NYC – it’s only about 2-3 hours in depending on the traffic, so NYC visits have become pretty normal for us. We don’t really do any of the sightseeing or excursions or any of the other things that would make good blog fodder anymore. Basically nothing that people would care about. Particularly this trip, which was pretty utilitarian. We went up to see a show, killed some time during the day shopping, and then went home the next morning. It’s particularly boring because I was decidedly trying not to spend money…. I wouldn’t even have been able to go up if my Mom hadn’t wanted me to come meet her so badly (she was already up there for a work meeting) and paid for my bus ticket (thanks mom!).

So I guess I’ll talk about what a test of my new financial habits this trip was, and all the rules and regulations that I set for myself to help me prepare for the upcoming financial hit.

And oh, it was a test. A test that I started out acing, but ultimately failed. My mom and I hit all our usual spots – Lush and Sephora for cosmetics. And oh, Sephora as upped their nail polish game. I mean, just look at this:

Sephora Nail Polish Bar

But I managed to resist. I bought nothing.

Then my mom took me to her favorite yarn store in the city – my first visit to a NYC yarn store. While my mom is up there about once a month or so for work or to see my brother play – I can rarely go with because of work or finances, so I’ve just never had the chance to go yarn shopping in the city.

Knitty City

Ohhhhh what a challenge. As I’ve said before, the last thing I need is more yarn. But just look at this needle and button display!

Knitty City needles and buttons

Knitty City was small, but had sooooo much packed into such a small space. I suppose I should have expected that… it is in Manhattan, after all.

Knitty City inside

My mom did make it a bit easier for me to resist purchasing anything myself; she bought me two skeins and some stitch markers (thanks again, mom!).

Kyle Athayde Dance Party

After the shopping wore us out, we grabbed some grub and chilled at the hotel for a while before heading over to late night at Dizzy’s Club Coca Cola, where the Kyle Athayde Dance Party was playing (the show we came to see). They were so completely killin’, I can’t even really describe it. Here’s a YouTube recording – and this doesn’t even really do them justice.

It was the late night set, so as soon as they were done we went back to the hotel and crashed.

Knitting Nation sign

The next morning we left the city, making a stop in Nyack, NY to visit my mom’s other favorite NY yarn shop: Knitting Nation. Again, my first time there.

Knitting Nation inside

And quite frankly I got overwhelmed a bit. My self-resolve just didn’t last. After the previous day of impeccable self-control I just failed the test. I had brought some cash that my grandmother had given me as a “just in case” stash (mistake #1), and between Knitting Nation and the Pickwick Book Shop right down the street… well… I lost control. I broke my rules. I bought not only yarn, but books too – both items banned by my new restrictions. I mean, just look at the yarn!

Nyack bookstore

And the books!

History section nyack bookstore

I found four beautiful old hardcover Winston Churchill histories… and they were on sale! I couldn’t resist. And so I spent the rest of the ride home kicking myself for violating my rules. Jim tried to make me feel better as I texted him on the drive home. He assured me it was okay – it was a special trip, and I did use cash that I had stashed for special things. But I still feel badly about it.

going home

The weather on the drive home seemed to sympathize!

(photos taken with my Point and Shoot – except for the first one, which is from our trip up for my brother’s senior recital… I needed a title photo and none of the ones I took this trip really worked for that)

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  • justme3362

    You were in my ‘hood! I totally understand the money thing… It got to the point where I figured I’d hemorrhage buckets of money if I left my front door, and that is why I make stuff now. But I’ve always stopped myself from going into Knitty City because I’m terrified what could happen to our bank account 😉 great pictures though; I’ll be taking my knitting daughter there now!!

    • Magpiemakingdo

      I love visiting the city – but I don’t know how you do it living there! I get so overwhelmed by just the sheer pace of it all pretty quickly.

      Knitty City was definitely a dangerous place for me to be! But I was actually surprised at how reasonable their prices are – I was expecting it to be far more expensive than shops around here simply because of the location, but it was all pretty standardly priced. No sticker shock on anything!

  • jenndice

    I would have definitely caved and then died of happiness with all of those books! Bless your heart for only buying a limited amount! haha

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