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Happy 4th of July!

Happy Independence Day to all my US based readers! Here are some links I’ve rounded up to help bring some History to your day, both fun and serious!

Fun Stuff:

These prints from SharpWriter – after all, what’s more ‘Merican than Teddy Roosevelt fighting Big Foot with a Tommy Gun while holding an American Flag?

These shirts by Lizzywhimsy – Next time I have some extra $$ I’m definitely buying the Cane Fight! tee.

Retro Campaigns – Retrocampaigns.com sells retro campaign tees from presidential races through the years. Their shop is currently down, as apparently they’re launching a new site soon, but their tumblr is still up where they post all sorts of fun stuff from the campaigns of yesteryear.

LadyHistory on Tumblr – LadyHistory is a US government teacher who runs pretty much my favorite tumblr blog ever. Home of the Captioned Adventures of George Washington, and today particularly, basically the patriotic center of tumblr – she really kicks it in for the 4th! She also has a Redbubble site where she sells tees.

Serious Stuff:

A History of the Declaration of Independence at the National Archives.

Final Transcript of the Declaration of Independence AND the rough draft from Monticello.org (online home of Thomas Jefferson’s Home – and while we’re at it here’s the site for George Washington’s Mount Vernon too).

Myths of the Revolution from the Smithsonian Magazine.

The American Revolution Resources from the National Archives.

A History of Independence Day at PBS.com.

Enjoy the day!


[Royals graphic from tumblr – if anyone knows who the actual original source for this image is, please let me know so I can give proper credit… I’ve looked everywhere but can’t trace it, and it really bothers me posting images that are not my own if I don’t have the original source on hand.]

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