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It’s Back to School Week!

Welcome to “Back to School” Week here at Magpie! I’m dedicating this week of posts to that amazing and exciting (or dreadful, depending on who you are…) feeling of the ever-approaching first day of school. We’ll kick this week off with a discussion of…


Yes, backpacks. I love them. I’m out of grad school for 4+ years now, and I still haven’t transitioned away from them. They’re just so much more functional, and so much easier on my back than the more adult messenger bags, or having to carry several totes around in addition to a purse. They’re seriously great.

Now, I’ve been using the same backpack for going on 16 years. But as I wrote some of the more in-depth back to school posts for this week, I got to thinking… what would I buy if I had to do it all over again?

Well, luckily it’s not that hard to imagine – to Polyvore I went.

Backpack Love

1) First we have a cute little flowered Jansport. Jansport seems to be the most popular brand around campus, although I can’t speak to the durability since I’ve never owned one. I love the pattern on this one – floral, but without being TOO “My So-Called Life.”

2) Number 2 is a Vera Bradley Campus Backpack in my absolute favorite Vera Bradley pattern ever – Pink Elephants. This is a pattern they discontinued a number of years ago, and when they did, I sort of hopped off the Vera Bradley bandwagon. I have a few non-pink elephant things, but honestly there just hasn’t been a pattern since that I like as much. However, apparently they do still make the Campus Backpack in Pink Elephants, and I have to say I’m tempted. I have used the daylights out of my other Vera Bradleys, and they all still look pretty good for how tough I am on them.

3) I fell in love with this beautiful Kipling backpack, really for the pattern alone. It’s bright, beautiful, and pink without being too super girly. Downside? They only seem to sell this pattern in the UK, so for me buying it would be a bit of a hassle – but all word says Kipling is a very durable brand, so if I was buying a backpack, I feel like it’d probably be worth it.

4) Because I really can’t in all fairness pretend backpack shop without including a Hello Kitty option. Because honestly, for what this very light foldable backpack probably lacks in durability, it would definitely make the top two merely for the pattern. I really do have a problem.

5) Last, but not least, if I was doing it all over again, is the standard L.L. Bean Book Pack. This is actually the backpack I currently have, and I’ve gotta say – based on my experience – this would probably be the smartest choice. I got mine as a Christmas gift in 6th grade from my Aunt, and even after 16 years of super hard use, it still looks pretty much exactly like the picture (after I run it through the washer, anyway). The only thing that’s different is mine is monogrammed, and doesn’t have a headphone hole. And they’re not actually that expensive – the bang for your buck is crazy. I’d definitely purchase this one again if I had to.

Now I’m thinking I may need a new backpack just for variety’s sake…

What would you get if you had to do it all over again?

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  • Timiae

    I love the Vera Bradley! I’ve never owned one of her bags, but I hear that they hold up well. I must say, though, that if your bookbag has lasted since 6th grade… wow. That’s clearly the one to go with.

    • Magpiemakingdo

      L.L. Bean seriously has made a lifelong customer out of me. And I think it, like most L.L.Bean stuff, has a lifetime warranty on it… but honestly for $30 bucks, I’d just buy a new one. They deserve my money for making such an amazing product.

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