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So I Have a Mug Problem

Mug Envy


My name is Maggie and I have a mug problem.

It gets worse around the holidays, as I spend hours searching for cool, unique gifts for friends and family on sites like Redbubble and Society6. And for every perfect gift I find, I find four other things that I want for myself. Mostly mugs.

I gravitate towards mugs.

Mugs speak to me.

Because as I said, I have a mug problem.

I don’t know why, but picking the right mug can make or break my day in the morning. Having my coffee or tea in the proper mug is ever so important. And the really great thing about mugs is that it’s the perfect subtle way to rep my nerdery. Because I don’t really wear fandom T-shirts or anything – it’s just not really my thing. But mugs?

Oh, mugs.

Here are my current top twelve “wants” from Society6 (Redbubble doesn’t allow clipping to Polyvore) at the current moment:

1) The Jeffersonian Institute Mug by Seeleybooth – because Bones is the greatest.

2) Christmas Cat by Lime – Grumpy Cat just really resonates with me this Christmas – I had to take my tree down because Olive was breaking it beyond repair, and I’ve been sort of grumpy ever since.

3) Bad Tempered Rodents by Anna-Maria Jung – because Monty Python references = <3333

4) Adventurer Like You Mug by Kim Hobby – because Skyrimmmmmmmm.

5) Work Harder, Comrade! by April Schumacher – this mug has “Work Harder, Comrade!” in Soviet-style lettering on the other side and I just love it.

6) Sailor Moon Pattern Mug by Trigun29 – I love how subtle this one is – you wouldn’t necessarily know it’s a Sailor Moon thing if you didn’t watch pretty closely – it’s the pattern from Usagi’s comforter!

7) Flugel der Freiheit by Canis Picta – an Attack on Titan mug that again, you wouldn’t necessarily know is an Attack on Titan mug unless you’re familiar with the series.

8) Grumpy Mug by Studio Marimo – again, Grumpy Cat has just been my spirit animal lately.

9) Adventure in the Great Wide Somewhere by Karen Hallion Illustration – Belle and the Tardis, what’s not to love?

10) Sailor Moon Mug by Guizmo04 – another Sailor Moon mug, this time a little more obvious, but stylized a little like those POP vinyl figurines.

11) Canefight! Sumner vs. Brooks by Lizzywhimsy – a history mug! You knew I couldn’t make an “I want” list without at least one, and Lizzywhimsy (who I discovered on Tumblr) has just a shop FULL of US History awesomeness.

12) Vintage Map Mug by Maximillian San – and to round out the list, this beautiful map mug. Because maps are the best.

What are the things you find yourself adding to your wishlist as you Christmas shop?

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