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New Year, New Goals

This year I’ve decided that instead of making general resolutions, I’m going to try to set slightly more specific goals. While I had a moderate amount of success with some of my plans from last year, the ones that I failed the most at were the ones that could have easily been made more specific (like, “read more” and “work more efficiently”). However, on the other hand, I’ve made “do this every day” kinds of resolutions before, and without fail – well – I fail.

So this year, I’m instead trying to keep end goals in mind and leaving the process of getting there a little more open and flexible (while at the same time mixing in a few of the more general “life improvement” type resolutions – because why not?).

So, here goes nothing. Here are my 10 goals for 2015 (in no particular order):


1) Run another 5k – this time running the whole thing.

Last summer I started a Couch to 5k program, and in September I made it through my first race. BUT, it was a bit premature – I was not actually finished with the program, and while I ran a surprising amount of the race for how far I had come in the program, it’s still not REALLY running a 5k. I ran/walked a 5k.

But this year I want to run the whole thing. At least once.

2) Pay off my student loans

I’m sooooo close to being student loan free. I can taste it. I’ve only got a couple thousand left. And as long as I’m careful about tightening my belt, having them all paid off by the end of the year is totally doable.

So I’m going to do it.

Bam. Just like that.

Hopefully anyway.


3) Fill at least one sketchbook.

I used to draw when I was younger. A lot. I stopped for a while in High School, and then started again in college. I actually ran a webcomic for a while (which, looking back, was terrible and full of bitterness, judgementalness, and all sorts of the worst sides of me – I just really do not like the person I was during those years). But then grad school hit, and while I grew up (A LOT) and changed as a person, I stopped drawing. And I really shouldn’t have. I miss it, and I really want to be good at it.

So I’m going to try to pick it up again. I’m not making any specific goals in terms of skills – I just want to get in the habit of doing it again. Get that creative side of my brain functioning at a higher level again. The simple act of actually drawing is enough for now.

4) Plan blog content more efficiently and consistently for times I know I will be swamped.

I am bad at this. Plain and simple. And I really need to get better. Because I really don’t want to end up with gaps the way I did this fall – that’s no fun for you, and honestly stressful for me. So I want to get better at planning ahead. Having a bunch of buffer posts written is one of my short-term goals for January, and hopefully that will help prevent such periods of silence in the future.


5) Learn to say no without apologizing.

This is going to be the hardest for me to work on – but it’s something I really need to learn to do for the sake of my own sanity. One of the things that made this last semester so crazy and stressful is simply my inability to say “No,” to anyone. It’s not that I’m going to start being less understanding or accommodating, but I just have to start putting my own health and well-being first. And I need to get it through my thick skull that doing so does not make me a bad teacher, or a bad person. That it’s okay for me to say, “No.”

6) Try to find more constructive ways to deal with my anxiety.

Again, a rather difficult one for me. I have a pretty decent sized anxiety problem. My last semester of college it got so bad that, really, I should have gone to see someone – it completely interfered with my ability to function properly in everyday life. It’s mostly under control these days, but every once and a while I can feel the irrationality at the tinge of my consciousness, and while I generally manage to stave it off (and Jim has been an immense help in helping me when I can’t necessarily do it by myself), I don’t necessarily do it in the healthiest of ways. Mostly I eat. Lots of comfort food. And I really shouldn’t do that as a means of escaping my anxiety. Particularly as metabolism begins to slow with age. So my other big self-improvement goal this year is going to be to actively try to get a better handle on it all.


7) Have less stuff.

This year I have to purge and organize. I have too much of everything: from clothes, to yarn, to fabric… there’s just SO MUCH STUFF. And it’s really not okay anymore. And my inability to keep it under control is only adding to my anxiety issues. So I’ve gotta use my stashes instead of buying more, totally clean out my closet (and be RUTHLESS), and just do my best to simplify in general with the goal being: less quantity, more quality.

8) Cook more and eat healthier.

This is one that showed up in a slightly different form last year (“make better food choices”) – and while I saw some decent success over the summer, as soon as the semester started back up, that was the end of that. My biggest problem was not necessarily the food choices themselves, but the means by which I made them: take out. Lots of take out.

And that really shouldn’t fly, particularly if I ever want to meet my goal of paying off my student loans. Or EVER having any kind of savings. EVER.

So we’re going to revisit this one.


9) Read at least 12 books for pleasure.

Last year the Book Jar concept just didn’t work, and I generally failed miserably at reading for pleasure while school was in session. While I read a TON as I prep and revise lectures throughout the year, I don’t really count that stuff as “reading” because it’s often not full books (chapters of books, parts of books, monographs, newspaper archives, etc… etc…), and not books of my own personal choice.

So this year I’m setting a more solid goal than just, “Read More” – specifically, I want to aim for at least a book of non-work required reading per month. And I’ve made a specific list this time too (more on that in a future post).

And finally…

10) Take more fashion “risks” and stop caring so much about what other people think.

I’m at a very weird time in my life where I’m really truly beginning to care less and less about what other people think about me in general. But there are still these little hangups I have – the biggest being my sense of style. That’s not to say I don’t have a pretty developed sense of what I like, but I can never actually execute it in the real world. So I dress pretty blandly and as a result, I never feel like I’m fashionable enough and often feel frumpy. But at the same time when I make an effort to really dress up, play to my personal tastes, and try out new trends or whatever, I often feel like either a) I’m trying wayyyyyy too hard or b) I look like a little girl playing dress-up.

And I’ve gotta get over that shit. I’m 27 damn years old. I should really just wear what I want. Maybe I’ll even try wearing lipstick on a normal basis.


Probably not.

We’ll see.

So there’s my 10 for 2015.

What are your goals for this year?

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