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30 Days of Gratitude and Reflection

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As you’ve probably figured out by now, I’m not usually one for making a blog post every day. I normally don’t really have the time or energy required to do that. And so a lot of “blog challenges” aren’t really something I ever take on or complete – particularly if they’re formatted in an “every day” kind of way.

However, 2015 has been a rough year for me emotionally, and I find myself really needing to take some time and take stock of the good things in life. Additionally I desperately need to get back in the swing of regular blogging. So I’ve decided to combine the two needs into one sort of kick-start project that I’ve created for myself: 30 Days of Gratitude and Reflection.

I’ve created this challenge list myself, both by going through other lists and picking my favorites, as well as adding in some topics of my own that I know I need to be more grateful for. My hope is that by completing this challenge I can sort of refocus myself on all the wonderful things that have a positive impact on my life, and on helping me to become the person I am. Because of my schedule and stress level I know I tend to focus on “glass half empty” kind of stuff, and I’m hoping this will help me be more of a “glass half full” kind of person – at least for a little while.

Above is the Challenge list I plan to complete – if you want to play along, you’re absolutely welcome to. I’ve designed the list so that every “day” can be a single post, or you can play catch up and do a couple at a time, or you can pick and choose the ones that appeal to you. I’d love to hear from all of you!

I personally will probably be doing some individual posts and some “catch up posts,” and I’ll be tagging anything I post on instagram with the hashtag #30daysofgratitudeandreflection. But even if you don’t want to play along there or on your blog, I’d love to hear what you’re thankful for in the comments!

So here’s to a far more present, positive, and thankful November!

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