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30 Days of Gratitude and Reflection – Day 1

Something You Do Every Day: Interact With This Nerd

Olive bein a creeper

This is Olive

Olive is my apartmentmate’s cat. I introduced her to you guys when we got her, and last Christmas regaled you with the story of how she reacted poorly to having the Christmas tree up. You also may know her from the background of a few post photos here and there.

Well, Olive and I have a… complicated relationship. Sometimes we’re the best of friends – perfect couch cuddle buddies and reading pals.

Olive in Papasan

Sometimes though… sometimes our relationship is antagonistic. To put it mildly.

You heard all about her behavior that led me to take down my now-broken Christmas tree last year. What you didn’t hear was that even without the tree up, sometimes she’ll have days where she’s just as problematic – sometimes even more so. And often this happens precisely on the days when I’m working from home and have some serious pressing deadlines to meet.

Olive in paper bag

But all that said and done, even on the most fraught days of living with her… I have to be thankful for her. She is sweet, friendly, and even on days I am super pissed off at her, I have to admit… she’s a good cat. The things she does that grate on me are really, when you get right down to it, just normal cat things. Something that I need to be better about reminding myself of when I’m seething with annoyance.

Olive on Books

Living with her can be an absolute joy sometimes, and I need to focus more on the joys and happy moments of our cat-human relationship.

So here’s to you, Olive, in all your cuddly, prickly, sweet, and occasionally shifty glory.

Olive Caught in the Act and Covered in Dust

What’s something you do every day that you are (or should be) thankful for?

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