30 Days of Gratitude and Reflection – Day 3

Help Received or Help Given: My Mom’s Help Dying My Hair

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So we’re going to lighten it up a little bit after yesterday’s really heavy post.

I went brunette recently.

It was supposed to be for a Katniss Everdeen halloween costume. I hate the synthetic texture of all the wigs in my price range, and my hair – if straight and thin – is indeed long enough to do her iconic braid. I figured if I could just get it the right color, some artful application of dry shampoo, texturizing powder, and my TopStyler (which is apparently the actual tool they used on Jennifer Lawrence for this movie? Go figure.) could at least approximate it.

Well, the costume never panned out. We forgot to buy tickets for the ghost tour we were planning to attend until it was too late and so we ended up just staying home and playing Elder Scrolls Online.

But I’m still a brunette, thanks to the skillful bathroom hair dying technique of my mother.

We used a demi-permanent dye, which was terrifying. The only place you could get it was at Sally Beauty, and you had to mix it yourself – it didn’t come all in one box. If it wasn’t for my mom’s help in figuring everything out, I’m like, 100% positive that I’d be bald right now.

But I’m not bald. I’m brunette.

At least for the next month or so anyway.

And guys? I kind of love it.

So thanks mom!


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