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    Miso Mushroom Pasta

    I don’t get to cook often. My schedule basically allows me time to cook a nice, hot meal from scratch once a week on Fridays – twice if I’m lucky and don’t have a concert to work Saturday evening. And so I savor my cooking time. It’s something I absolutely love to do, and Friday meals usually work out very well, providing a nice hot dinner for me and Jim (the boyfriend) and depending on the recipe, several other meals that can be frozen and eaten at some point in the future at work. However, recently I’ve run into a problem. It’s lent. Now, I don’t fast. It’s just not…

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    Last Minute Valentine’s Day Ideas

    (Image from benkling.tumblr.com – clicking the image will take you to his site) Just a quick link roundup for this snowy day before Valentines Day of things I’m loving for tomorrow! – This adorable framed felt art from How Does She. – These mini Red Velvet Cupcake Milkshakes from Pizzazzerie. – This Lip Print Wall Art from P.S. – I Made This… and my absolute favorites every year: – Ben Kling’s Portrait Valentines

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    Awe Inspiring

    Hey, remember when Felix Baumgartner jumped from the edge of space? Well the GoPro footage from the cameras that were strapped all over him was finally posted on YouTube the other day, and the footage is nothing short of mind-blowing. “Sometimes you have to be up really high, to understand how small you are.” – Felix Baumgartner Tears sprung to my eyes seeing that view on my tiny little computer screen… I can’t even imagine what it would be like to see it for real.

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    Gave the 30 Minute Scarf a Try

    As I said in my post about my big squishy chunky scarf, over New Years I was introduced to the concept of arm knitting by one of my good friends. She quick showed me on her own project, and then showed me a YouTube video illustrating how. Naturally, after we went to go grab some yarn for me, I decided to do something entirely different, and by the time she left I had lost the link to the video she showed me. But not too long after I finished the first big chunky scarf, I got the itch for another, and this time I decided to try the arm knitting…

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    I’m In Love With The Katniss Cowl

    I’m a big Hunger Games fan. So when Catching Fire came out I pretty stoked with the press photos, but not for the usual crazy fan reasons. The real reason was this cowl. Ohhhhh, this cowl. I’m not even entirely sure you can call it a cowl, it’s more like a hybrid between a cape, a shawl, a cloak, and a cowl. But whatever it is, it’s gorgeous. The original garment is, sadly, hand-woven specifically for the movie by designer Maria Dora and so obviously isn’t available as a pattern. Luckily, the knit/crochet community also fell as in love with this piece as I did, and since the press photos…