Q: Why is the blog called Magpie Making Do?

A: My grandmother used to call me Magpie when I was very little, and when my best friend from high school latched on to it, it kind of stuck. Few people call me it anymore, but I still like it. As for the “Making Do” part, basically the blog is about my adventures trying to make do with what I have while still finding ways to live a full, happiness filled life.

Q: I like this post/project/tutorial/photo/graphic of yours. Can I post it on my blog?

A: Sure, as long as you give me credit and follow a few rules – always link back to the original post, do not remove my watermark from any images, do not repost the entirety of any post or tutorial, and do not claim any of it as your own work. Basically, if it would be plagiarism in school, it’s totally not cool.

Q: Can I pin your photos/graphics to Pinterest?

A: Absolutely! Just make sure to pin from the original post so it links back to me!

Q: Why do you only post T/Th – and sometimes not even that?

A: I’m an adjunct professor, and if you’re familiar with what the media has dubbed the “plight of the adjunct” you’ll know what that means. Basically, I have to have several other jobs in addition to teaching in order to make ends meet, and that results in a pretty hectic and full schedule most days of the week. A normal work day for me is spending 8am to 10 pm job hopping, grabbing some grub along the way. Because of this crazy schedule, as of right now my posting schedule has to be limited. Maybe someday I’ll have the time to be able to post every weekday. I’d like that. But for now, that’s a bit of a pipe dream.

Q: One day you’re posting about nail polish, the next about History, the next about knitting… Why haven’t you picked one thing to focus on? What exactly is this blog about?

A: Basically, this blog is about stuff that interests me. I’m aware that the best advice in the blogging industry nowadays is to pick a specific topic and stick to it, but to be honest? While those kind of laser focus blogs may be the better business plan, they tend not to engage me long term. In my own blog reading I tend to prefer blogs that cover a variety of things, and that let me get to know the blogger a little bit – the less focused, but more personal sort – and so that’s the kind of blog I try to be. I’m a complicated person with a wandering attention span and diverse interests, and this blog aims to reflect that.

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