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    Happy (Very Belated) Thanksgiving!

    I hope you all had a lovely holiday! Ours was busy, but joy (and dog*) filled – and even though I’m still working through my 30 days of Gratitude and Reflection Challenge (I will finish it eventually – I will just probably start sprinkling in regular posts in between now that November is over and we’re on the lead-up to Christmas and New Years…) I really felt like the active effort I’ve been making to be present and grateful made a significant difference in my outlook. I was able to meet the demands of my “hell weeks” – the weeks before and after Thanksgiving when all my papers and assignments…

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    HAPPY 2015!!!

    Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a happy and fun-filled holiday season – the Christmas/New Year’s season is by far one of my busiest, so I’m still playing catch-up a bit here. I’ve got a couple New Year’s related posts on the docket for the next week, but in general am still cleaning stuff up from the holidays. I was able to get a bit more into the season than I thought I would be able to as of last post – I spend the holiday at my parent’s house, and that really helped. Their house always looks like a christmas decoration store exploded inside, and being surrounded by…

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    Last Minute Valentine’s Day Ideas

    (Image from benkling.tumblr.com – clicking the image will take you to his site) Just a quick link roundup for this snowy day before Valentines Day of things I’m loving for tomorrow! – This adorable framed felt art from How Does She. – These mini Red Velvet Cupcake Milkshakes from Pizzazzerie. – This Lip Print Wall Art from P.S. – I Made This… and my absolute favorites every year: – Ben Kling’s Portrait Valentines

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    A New Year With New Challenges

    I’m not a resolution kind of girl. Or at least I have never been good at either making or keeping them – the last time I made proper resolutions was way back in 2009, and the last time I kept one all year was… never. I’m pretty sure anyway. That said, 2013 was a horrible year (for reasons that are a little too personal for the bloggy world) and I’m all for reassessing and making positive changes for the coming months. I’ve been looking forward to the start of 2014 as a chance to start fresh and regain some positivity, and I feel like to do that, I have to…

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    Another Christmas Come and Gone

    I hope everyone had a lovely holiday. Ours here at Magpie Making Do was crazy and chaotic as always. My status as musical sell sword had me running to and fro all Christmas Eve, and the usual family engagements kept me busy for the rest of the time. I didn’t even get a chance to exchange gifts with the boyfriend until the 27th! He loved his gifts (or so he says) – I gave him a set of Knitpicks Harmony Interchangeables (yes, he knits!) and a few other things he had requested including slippers and a pair of Penn State PJ pants. But I have to admit, he outdid me…

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    My First Grown-up Christmas Tree

    This year is the first year since moving out that I have my own, full size christmas tree. We’ve never been real tree people – my mom is the daughter of a fire chief and her whole side of the family is staunchly pro-fake tree. Too many holidays in their childhoods were interrupted by fire calls where families lost everything after their too-dry tree went up in flames. And while I don’t really have the same memories, I’ve grown up with fake trees and I love them to pieces. Last year was my first year in my “own” place (I shared with four other people), and it was pretty much…