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2016 “Bullet Journal”

Well here we are once again! New year, fresh start re: regular posting - a little later than expected due to internet connection issues we had all last week - but now that (hopefully) that’s resolved, it’s time for another installment of… Last year I gave an adapted version of Bullet Journaling a try, and… Continue reading 2016 “Bullet Journal”

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Magpie’s Adventures in Bullet Journaling

Bullet Journaling has really fascinated me ever since Jenn from With Luck Blog brought it to my attention way back when I posted about planners. The concept seemed to work really well with the system I was currently using for my to-do lists, but there was one big issue with it - the inability to… Continue reading Magpie’s Adventures in Bullet Journaling

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WIP Wednesday

I've been really really lax when it comes to knitting lately. I think I ended up with a grand total of 4 FOs (Finished Objects) last year? Maybe? But I got my mojo back last week and I'm finally making some progress on some of the stuff I've been working on. First, my Undertow Shawlette… Continue reading WIP Wednesday

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So I Guess I Scrapbook?

So a few weeks ago after I saw this post on A Beautiful Mess, I re-caught the photo album bug. I’ve never liked calling what I do “scrapbooking.” When I hear the word “scrapbooking” I think of those aisles upon aisles full of (often super cheesy) stickers at Michael’s. I think of hundreds of dollars… Continue reading So I Guess I Scrapbook?