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WIP Wednesday

I’ve been really really lax when it comes to knitting lately. I think I ended up with a grand total of 4 FOs (Finished Objects) last year? Maybe?

But I got my mojo back last week and I’m finally making some progress on some of the stuff I’ve been working on.

First, my Undertow Shawlette (Ravelry Link), which has been in progress since this was a KAL pattern by my LYS (which has sadly now closed) in May of 2013.


I’ve been super slow with progress on this, not because I don’t like the pattern (it’s pretty easy actually), but because the yarn is not really my favorite – I’m using Crystal Palace Yarn’s Mini Mochi in what I think is colorway 303 Spice Market (I was an asshole who lost the yarn band). The yarn is fine, but the colorway isn’t really my bag of chips so it’s been difficult finding motivation.

I’ve also run into a problem now that I’m making progress – I never actually consulted yardage requirements before starting this pattern and have, well, run out of yarn. I’ve got two options here – one is to find a second skein, which will take some searching of brick and mortar yarn stores (since I lost the band and need to compare the actual project to the skein), or bind off early. I kind of want to avoid binding off early, because as much as I don’t care for the colors, the lace section is shaping up beautifully and I don’t want to sell it short by skipping the last section.



So I’ll have to figure that one out as I go I guess.


Next, I’ve got a quick project I started because I can’t find the chunky arm knit scarf from last year. I need another chunker for my walk to work, and I had a few skeins of Lion Brand Hometown USA in Cambridge Tweed floating around so I figured, “Why not?”

Right now it just looks like a blob, but eventually it’ll be a Domek (Ravelry link). I can’t wait to see how the construction turns out.


In non-knitting news, my other decent sized project for the next few days is finally starting to get photos from our Disney trip last year into an album. I finally got around to getting some of the pictures printed and grabbing some Disney themed paper. I’ve been on the hunt for some for months to no avail. I gotta say, you’d think there’d be more that wasn’t either a) 100% Mickey themed or b) 100% kid oriented, since the parks are pretty huge vacation destinations for adults, and there’s way more than just Magic Kingdom there…

So basically I settled for grabbing some bright colored paper to augment the overwhelming Mickey focus.

Now if only there was a Disney Project Life pack, I wouldn’t have even had to bother…

Once I make some progress on these, I’ll let you know how it’s all working out. But for now, what are you all currently working on?

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  • jenn

    I love that cambridge tweed yarn. It’s my favorite of my inexpensive lions brand choices. Since moving down to Florida I haven’t been able to find it and I was a little disappointed. I really didn’t want to turn to buying online because I probably already have too much yarn and that just felt silly…. but I had to go to PA last week and I found 6 skiens and bought them all. So much for that hahah

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