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Hello, 2018

I’m really no different than anyone else when it comes to having a, well, not-so-great track record when it comes to sticking to New Years Resolutions. And yet, here we find ourselves, year after year after year after year… making more goals, and not always keeping them. But while I’m definitely one of those people… Continue reading Hello, 2018

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July/August Wrap-Up and September Goals

The last two months have been just an absolute whirlwind. There’s some pretty big and significant life-changes that have been going on behind the scenes here at Magpie over the last few weeks that have been simultaneously super-exciting, and absolutely terrifying. I won't say too much about it all on here until all is said… Continue reading July/August Wrap-Up and September Goals

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So Magpie’s Gonna Run a 5k… Again.

So I know I said in my June goals post that fitness was on the docket, but that I wasn’t going to follow any set plan or anything. Well, turns out I’m a liar. I’ve started a Couch to 5k program. Whoops. Well, at least it’s a good whoops. I’m using the C25K - 5K… Continue reading So Magpie’s Gonna Run a 5k… Again.

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May Wrap-up and June Goals

Well, hot damned. It’s June. Already. I find myself saying that a lot these days. “Already!?” “It’s summer already!?” “It’s [insert month] already!?” And the busier I am from day to day, the more I seem to be saying it. And May was a VERY busy month. It always is. From wrapping up and ending… Continue reading May Wrap-up and June Goals

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The One Where Magpie Hates Healthy Eating

So one of my biggest goals for this month is a total ban on take-out and fast food. Over the last couple years as I’ve added job after job, my eating habits have basically found themselves going right down the toilet. Whatever was quick, easy, and convenient was what was on the menu. I drive… Continue reading The One Where Magpie Hates Healthy Eating

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April Misses and May Goals

So it’s time for my monthly wrap-up! Who knew it was going to be May so soon? It completely snuck up on me, and unfortunately I didn’t really meet all my goals for April as a result. To recap what I wanted to do, you can find the full post here. I was able to… Continue reading April Misses and May Goals

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March: The Good, The Bad, And the Goals.

As part of my plan for getting more consistent around here, I’ve decided to make it my goal to post a wrap-up of each month - this way I can sort of look at each month in review, identify what I accomplished and what needs improvement. I feel like it’s also going to be nice… Continue reading March: The Good, The Bad, And the Goals.

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My 2017 Goals

So it's January, and of course, that means it's resolution time. I've spent a lot of time these last two weeks really putting thought into what this year's goals should be, because I feel like I'm very much at a crossroads of sorts. I'm turning the big 3-0 this May, and there's a lot of… Continue reading My 2017 Goals

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2016 New Years Resolution Postmortem

Another year, another set of goals not fully met. I know that sounds really pessimistic, but that’s just how these things go - I’m not a resolution maker who actually expects to fully complete each. Instead, I make resolutions with the goal of making progress, and using those goals, however unattainable, to improve myself or… Continue reading 2016 New Years Resolution Postmortem

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2016 “Bullet Journal”

Well here we are once again! New year, fresh start re: regular posting - a little later than expected due to internet connection issues we had all last week - but now that (hopefully) that’s resolved, it’s time for another installment of… Last year I gave an adapted version of Bullet Journaling a try, and… Continue reading 2016 “Bullet Journal”