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    Birthday Cowl for My Mom

    My mom’s birthday was last month, and I finally got around to photographing the finished product of her present. The pattern is Jami Brynildson’s Fern Lace Cowl (Ravelry link), and I just love this pattern to bits. It’s interesting, but still easy enough to knit while watching TV that requires attention, and the finished product is just fantastic. The finished product photos aren’t the best, since they were quickly snapped while visiting my parents (I was a bad blogger and forgot to model/photograph it before I gave it to her). The flat shot doesn’t really give you the best idea what it looks like on. As for the colors, the…

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    The First Accurate Mani Monday

    Happy Monday everyone! It’s been a difficult few days here at Magpie Making Do – my grandmother had some surgery (it was minor and went well, but there’s always anxiety when she has to be put under and stay in the hospital now that she’s past 80 years of age) and one of my parents’ cats, Genghis Khan (who really been “my” cat since we got him as a kitten 13 years ago. I was in 8th grade and he immediately attached himself to me and hasn’t let go since – and neither have I for that matter) is not doing well at all. My mom and I had a…

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    Last Minute Valentine’s Day Ideas

    (Image from benkling.tumblr.com – clicking the image will take you to his site) Just a quick link roundup for this snowy day before Valentines Day of things I’m loving for tomorrow! – This adorable framed felt art from How Does She. – These mini Red Velvet Cupcake Milkshakes from Pizzazzerie. – This Lip Print Wall Art from P.S. – I Made This… and my absolute favorites every year: – Ben Kling’s Portrait Valentines

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    Happy Winter Olympics!

    It’s no secret that I love the Olympics. So in honor of the Winter Olympics starting in Sochi last Friday, I gave myself an Olympic themed mani, in the colors of the teams I’m rooting for. The accent nails are a little obvious: the USA and the UK. Then the solid red nails are for Japan. So I’ve got my country of birth and residence, the two countries where my main research interests belong, and the accent nails also work for Russia – host country and where some of my ethnic heritage is. The only country that got left out is Ukraine (the biggest chunk of my ethnic heritage) –…

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    My Eleven – A Quick Get to Know Me Post

    So the weather here in Northeastern PA has been frightful, and school has been cancelled. I’m usually conflicted about snow days now that I’m on the other side of the desk. Part of me is always thrilled that I have a day off, but the other part of me is annoyed as hell that my lecture schedule is going to be all borked up. This time is a little different though, because I’ve been stricken with an awful head cold of some sort. Bottom line is, if I went in and lectured yesterday, not giving myself any time for recovery, I basically would have been condemning myself to a whole…

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    The Book Jar

    I have a book problem. A very big book problem. An “I have filled my parents’ basement with storage containers full of books that I don’t have enough bookcases to house” kind of problem. And the reality is that recently my reading habits have not been able to justify the book accumulating habits I have. So, as already covered in my New Years Post, this year I resolved to read more. On that front, so far, so good. I’ve finished 6 books already over the month of January (although in the interest of full disclosure, one was a silly Doctor Who novel that took a total of maybe 4 hours,…

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    DIY Plastic Bag Keeper

    We had a major plastic bag problem in our kitchen. Since we moved in this summer, we’ve been saving plastic shopping bags to use as garbage bags in our small cans – throwing so much plastic away without even attempting to recycle made us feel uncomfortable. BUT, after several months of this, we had accumulated more plastic bags than we could ever hope to keep up with in terms of our trash creation, and because we don’t have a ton of hidden storage, they were cluttering up our kitchen big time. So, I whipped up a quick solution with my DIY Plastic Bag Keeper. What you’ll need: Sewing Machine Scrap…

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    Awe Inspiring

    Hey, remember when Felix Baumgartner jumped from the edge of space? Well the GoPro footage from the cameras that were strapped all over him was finally posted on YouTube the other day, and the footage is nothing short of mind-blowing. “Sometimes you have to be up really high, to understand how small you are.” – Felix Baumgartner Tears sprung to my eyes seeing that view on my tiny little computer screen… I can’t even imagine what it would be like to see it for real.