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Mom’s Afghan

Afghan full

Hey, remember when I mentioned that I made an afghan for my mom for Christmas way back in December? Yea, I realized the other day that I never got around to showing that off. So here it is!

I started it at the end of November and was just finishing weaving ends in at midnight on December 23rd at my parent’s house – my dad acting as lookout to make sure my mom didn’t come into the kitchen (we’re a family of night owls when we’re all home for the holidays).

I’ve done an afghan like this before. Those of you who knew me back in the olden days will recognize this general design from my Eclectic Granny Square Blanket (link to ravelry page).

(the blanket in question)


It was, back when I started it, inspired by Alicia Paulson’s (of Posie Gets Cozy fame*) Cloister Blanket. I had absolutely fallen in love with it from the first time she posted about it;so much so that 2 years later when I decided to start on an afghan, I used it as inspiration.

Well, ever since I finished mine (it took 3 years of on and off work because I’m bad about those things), my mom has admired it and said things like, “You know, if you were to ever make me an afghan like that I’d be veryyyyy happy!” And so when 2013 turned out to be a really terrible and hard year for her, I finally took the hint and set to work.

The yarn is Vanna’s Choice by Lion’s Brand in Dusty Green, Dusty Rose, and Dusty Blue to match the decorating scheme in her bedroom. I always use acrylics for afghans because of the ruggedness required of owning animals, but usually forgo Vanna’s Choice for afghans simply because it’s more expensive and afghans require SO MUCH YARN. But honestly it was worth the extra expense on this one for the softness.

Overall, Mom was pleased with her gift, which in the end is the only really big thing that matters.

And because our dog Rusalka can’t stay away for whatever reason when I drag out an afghan to photograph at my parent’s house, here’s the matching dog picture:

Dog with afghan

(* Fun fact – Posie Gets Cozy was the very first crafty type blog I discovered and is what introduced me to the phenomenon of blogging. So on the (pretty much impossible) chance that Alicia ever sees this – thanks for inspiring me then, and thanks for continuing to be such a massive source of inspiration in all the years since.)

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