Pysanky Friday


I finally got around to varnishing those pysanky I teased on instagram a ways back, and so today I have one of them to share with you in detail. I was still getting my sea-legs back on this batch, so you’ll notice that my lines aren’t all terribly straight. This particular egg (which I’m calling the “Big Vine” Egg) was actually the result of a catastrophic mistake – those massive vines on the side were NOT supposed to be that big. But that’s what happens when you’re not being attentive and get a big blorp of wax smack dab in the center of your egg.

Big Vine Egg

The top and bottom of this one came out much better than the middle – I’m a big fan of the star motif for the bottom of eggs. Not my favorite of the batch, but not the worst either. But I’ll save the rest for another day! Happy Friday!

big vine egg bottom

(Just a note on size – these are regular large chicken eggs – the photos are just big to show detail)

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  • justme3362

    These are gorgeous! We were gifted one a decade ago, that we still proudly have. I’ve started to tackle this, but every time we just pull out the acrylic paint because it looks too daunting!

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