Gridtastic Egg

Grid Egg front

Another pysanka for you today. I’m not so pleased with the front of this one – it’s a little boring. I had some blobbing and sort of ran out of ideas about how to cover it up because I was concentrating so hard on the plan I had for the long band around the egg. As for that, I like the idea and think it came out alright, but next time I try it I’m definitely going to implement it differently – it turned into a huge pain in the ass, and I didn’t quite keep track of where I was putting what color like I should have. I’d also love to figure out how to avoid making the grid in white first. I was originally going for a stained glass sort of effect, but the white kind of ruins that.

Oh well, live and learn!

Grid Egg side

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  • Timiae

    I’m just now getting caught up on blog reading… as always, I’m so impressed at the pysanky! They seem so labor-intensive that I’m in awe of how you do so many.

    • Magpiemakingdo

      Hahaha, don’t be too impressed – this is still from the batch I finished in March! I’m WAY behind on making some new ones. The eggs I have in progress are starting to float in the dyes already from being out so long… But thank you very much. This comment is pretty funny, because I actually JUST commented on your latest FO post that I’m equally as in awe of how you manage to get so many knitting projects complete – they go sooooo slowwww for me!

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