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Mani Monday – 4th(ish) of July Edition

4 of july mani

Just a quick look at the mani I did for the holiday weekend. It’s pretty much the accent nails from my Winter Olympics Mani, only on allllll the nails. Overall it was not a great idea – I’m clearly not as adept at keeping lines straight and making sure the tape is properly sealed when I have to do every single nail instead of just the accent nails. The colors I used also required much thicker coats to be opaque as well. Overall doing this mani was a MAJOR pain in the ass, honestly. And with the humidity and heat the way it’s been, took for-freaking-ever to dry.

But in the end it turned out okay I think. The glitter does a good job at camouflaging the tape leaks, at least from far away. And they did get compliments at all the various events I was at this weekend, so mission accomplished I suppose.

Supplies used: Red = China Glaze Ruby Pumps; Blue = Orly Stone Cold; White = FingerPaints Well-Cultured Pearl; Glitter = Julep Fireworks; Scotch tape.

4 of july mani closeup

Pardon my dry cuticles – again, nail blogger I am not.


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    • Magpiemakingdo

      Thanks! And don’t feel too bad – it took me a LONG time and a lot of practice to be able to even paint one color straight myself – a little paintbrush dipped in polish remover is my best friend! And even now, my right hand always looks a little wonky – I just don’t photograph that one!

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