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Monday Update

I know I’ve sort of dropped off the radar lately – it’s been a crazy couple of weeks, and I just have not been good about keeping up with things. So here’s a little bit of what’s going on with me to at least let me feel like I’m not COMPLETELY neglecting by bloggerly duties.

I’m currently…

…working on: Powerpoints. Powerpoints, upon powerpoints, upon powerpoints. I’ve never gone the powerpoint route for the class I’m teaching this semester – but now that I’ve started I’ve gotten myself into a jam, because I’ve set a precedent. So now I have to make them for EVERYTHING I cover this semester. And let me tell you, making powerpoints for 18th and 19th century US History is FAR more challenging than making them for 20th century. You’d think for the size of the internet there’d be better maps and visuals for this stuff…

…listening to: Taylor Swift’s Shake It Off. I’m seriously obsessed, guys. It’s a problem. Wasn’t my taste in music supposed to get more sophisticated as I aged? Because it hasn’t.

… behind on: posts for here… obviously. I have several long posts in the works, and have been working on the same five damn posts for like two weeks. I just can’t seem to finish them.


… watching: Band of Brothers. Jim has been wanting to re-watch it, and the last time I had actually seen the series was when it first aired back in 2001 (when I was 14 and didn’t give a shit), which is kind of a travesty when you consider what I do for a living. So the last few weeks we’ve been working our way through, and let me tell you – holy shit. Fan-freaking-tastic.

kate spade apple tote

… obsessing over: my new Kate Spade Tote. I took a trip down to the Crossings Outlets with my Aunt last weekend, and guess what? Apparently they have a Kate Spade outlet now. And bonus: they were having a MAJOR sale. Original list price on the tote was $275, but between the clearance price of it, plus the extra sale they were having on top of it I got not only the tote, but a matching wallet to go with it for about $130 – which is a few dollars less than the list price of the wallet alone. Now, I don’t usually spend that kind of money on stuff now that I’m working as an adjunct – but I had just done a wedding that morning and ended up getting MAJORLY tipped – which never happens. So I figured I could treat myself just this one time. Because when else am I going to get the chance to own a Kate Spade considering my salary? Never. Was it irresponsible to buy it instead of socking that money away? Maybe. But I’m so in love with it, I kind of don’t care.

So that’s a quick snippet of what’s up with me… what about you? Do or find anything fun recently?

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  • Reenie

    God, I’m always so jealous when people get to watch Band Of Brothers for the first time. It’s so stinking good. Look out for every actor ever giving their best performance.

    Never EVER apologize for buying a good bag. Especially one that you can use for work. Especially an adorable polka dotted Kate Spade tote. Especially on sale. You’ll use that bag for years. Cost vs Use analysis almost always comes out on top when it comes to a good work bag. The only reason I don’t use the Kate Spade I got for high school graduation anymore is because it’s bright pink, and I got tired of the Elle Woods jokes sometime around junior year of college.

    • Magpiemakingdo

      Every actor ever giving their best performance is seriously SO RIGHT. Everyone is so on point at all freaking times. I like, seriously can’t even. Also, haha thanks. That’s basically how my Aunt convinced me to buy it in the first place. Wise words from wise women.

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