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I’m Thankful For…

So… uhhh… I guess it’s a week and a half into December? What? When did that happen?

But… uhhh… I haven’t even made my Thanksgiving thankful for post yet. Whoops. I SWEAR Thanksgiving was just yesterday.


But anyway, this year I’m thankful for the little things. My schedule has made for a very overwhelming semester, and as we wind down I’ve had to try REALLY hard to remind myself to take joy in the small things. Because when I remember, oh boy does it help take some of the weight off.

So this year I’m thankful for…

pink kitten noses

… pink “kitten” noses.*


…a good cup of coffee and a dash of glitter.

Mournful Puppy Eyes

…soulful chestnut puppy dog eyes.

Evidence of a seven year friendship

… paw pads and evidence of a seven year friendship still strong (although they’re missing one of the three musketeers this Christmas).


…my parents’ perfect Christmas tree.

Olive not destroying things

…the brief moment of peace when Olive isn’t waging war on my own now-signifigantly-less-than-perfect Christmas Tree.


…the fact that we’re finally on the home stretch for the semester, and that I’m little by little able to find some time for myself. When Olive isn’t conducting war games with my Christmas ornaments, at least.

And of course, most importantly…

… Jim, friends, family, and laughter (for which I have no one appropriate picture to share).

* I admit 13 years old is hardly a kitten – in fact she’s downright elderly. But she’s still our kitten, I don’t care.

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