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Mani Monday: Butter London Bluecoat and Leccy

Butter London Bluecoat and Leccy

Today we have two polishes that I got for Christmas, which I abolutely fell in love with, but which were downright IMPOSSIBLE to photograph: Butter London Bluecoat and Leccy.

Bluecoat is a deep, rich blue with a great sheen to it, while Leccy is an opalescent shard topcoat. The combination of the two polishes is just gorgeous (even if my photos don’t show it).

As with all Butter London polishes (at least in my experience anyway), the dry time on both these is rather quick, and the formulas are good.

Buttler London Bluecoat and Leccy super closeup

The formula on Bluecoat is just beautiful – opaque in two coats without being thick. The finish has almost a little bit of a teal sheen to it, and in certain lights it borders on metallic. Seriously one of the nicest dark blues I own now.

Leccy on the other hand was a bit goopy – it was difficult to get an even spread of the shard glitter, and occasionally you’d get a shard that was a bit curly, but in general that’s been my experience with pretty much every shard glitter like this. In the end, the overall effect and finish is totally worth the extra effort it takes. It looks stunning even in dim lighting. But again, my photos of it are super crappy and don’t even begin to do it justice.

Butter London Bluecoat and Leccy closeup

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