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Mani Monday: Color Club You’re So Vain


Today I have for you a Color Club polish I picked up out of a bin at The Christmas Shoppes called You’re So Vain. I was initially suuuuppppeeerrrr disappointed in this polish, mainly because I did not know at the time I used it that it was part of the Seven Deadly Sins collection, which is all textured polishes. So I judged it all assuming that it was a normal, smooth finish polish.

I bought it because I was super excited about the lovely holo sparkle it had in the bottle – I’ve heard very good things about Color Club’s holo polishes, but have never actually seen one in real life. Putting it on the nail left me wanting, however – the formula is very thick and goopy, which makes it difficult to work with. It didn’t spread easily, dried almost TOO fast, and left a very gritty finish, as you can see in the next picture which was taken before I applied the topcoat.


Now that I know that it’s supposed to be a textured polish, however, all these things make sense, because in general that’s how textured polishes tend to be in my experience. And that’s why I generally don’t like them. Knowing that it’s SUPPOSED to be a textured polish (a very mild texture, to be sure though) makes all the difference in the review though, because the end result is indeed pretty – with or without topcoat. I just personally don’t think textured polishes are worth the extra fuss they require.

Overall rating: C, but a very biased C. If I liked textured polishes, this would probably get an A-.


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