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Mani Monday: Butter London Aston


Just a super quick Mani Monday here today with Butter London’s Aston. This polish is one of my tried and true favorites, and one of my favorite “professional but still fun” colors ever. I’m lucky that in teaching college I don’t really have to conform to any office standards regarding wild nail color, but occasionally I’ll have a meeting or a gig where, well, blue with multicolored glitter just isn’t appropriate. And when that’s the case (and I actually have my nails done instead of bare), Butter London Aston is usually what I grab first. I will admit the color works a little better on me when it’s not the dead of winter and my skin isn’t so pale it borders on translucent, but it’s not so bad that I have to confine it to summer use.

As with most Butter London polishes the formula is great, dry time is relatively quick, and the finish is beautiful. In general I’ve really found that you get what you pay for with these polishes – I don’t think I’ve had a disappointing Butter London yet, and Aston is no different. Just enough shimmer to keep it exciting without crossing the line into problematic in a professional setting. My bottle is getting juuusssttt slightly thick, but I’ve had it for a year or two now, and it’s seen a decent amount of use (read: time with the bottle open exposed to air), so that’s to be expected.

Overall rating: A.

Are you a Butter London fan?

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