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It’s That Time of Year Again!


I’m really about a week late on this one, but even now, colleges and K-12 schools alike are beginning to trickle back into session.

As an educator it’s without a doubt my favorite time of year. So much excitement! So much potential! So many OFFICE SUPPLIES!!! I love it.

Back to school season is second only to Christmas in my books.

And to celebrate not only this, but also my triumphant return to blogging on a relatively regular schedule, we’ll be kicking off the school year with some school themed posts. Most of them will be aimed towards higher education, since that is after all the level I’ve been teaching for going on 6 years now. But there’ll be plenty that can be applicable to high school as well!

For now, let’s start off simple enough – with a link roundup! We haven’t done one of these in a while, so buckle up – this’ll be fun!

Unsolicited Advice About Living On Campus from The Jesuit Post – This article contains some REALLY great advice for students moving into a dorm environment for the first time. And don’t be scared away by the fact that it’s by a Jesuit – it’s great advice for all students, whether you’re religious or not.

The Beloit College Mindset List for the Class of 2019 – Every year professors at Beloit College in Wisconsin put together a list of cultural factoids about the incoming freshman class that help us professors get some perspective on, well, exactly how old and unrelatable we’ve become over the years. Highlights from this year include the fact that this year’s freshman have never known a world without South Park, Harry Potter, or Google. Weird.

18 Pieces of Advice for 18 Year Old Freshmen – A post of mine from this time last year containing a lot of advice for incoming freshman – it includes things I now realize after having seen college from the other side of the desk, things I learned the hard way as a college student myself, and advice that I was given by others that I’m really glad I took to heart because it made my college experience *that much* better.

44 Things I Learned My Freshman Year of College from Mostly Morgan – And if you don’t trust me because you think I’ve been out of the STUDENT game for too long (although I’m tellin’ ya, hindsight’s 20/20), here’s some advice from an actual college student.

And then last…

21 Things People Should Know Before Going to College from Buzzfeed – I’m not usually a fan of Buzzfeed click bait, but this list has some genuinely good advice on it. Particularly #5, #14, and #21.

Happy Start of the School Year!

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