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It Was the Shawl That Wouldn’t End…


So I made a Boneyard Shawl (ravelry link). I went with the YO options to create a perforated edge and middle, and I LOVE the way it turned out, but oh, em, gee did I get bored with this pattern fast.

It’s a super easy knit, but the bigger it gets, the more tedious the knitting was for me. It’s super mindless, which is GREAT if you’re someone who can like, knit without looking at your stitches? But I still can’t really do that. I’m in awe of people who can read while they knit, or even watch something on TV that’s visual heavy, because I can basically only do documentaries which are more about listening than seeing. As a result, because of how easy and mindless it is, I spent a LOT of time – as the repeats got longer and longer and as the shawl got bigger and bigger – just wishing it was done. There was a lot of attraction/avoidance going on with this project, for over a year really, and it kind of became a big source of knitters block for me.

But I finally buckled down and just FINISHED it. In the end, do I love the result? Totally. It’s big, and cozy, and comfy, and looks great. Do I think I’ll make this pattern again? Probably not. Not until I can knit without looking reliably, anyway. But in the end I have a nice new office wrap, so that’s good. And I can finally move on to other knitting!

(here’s the link to my ravelry project page)


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