My Christmas Gift Tags

Gift Tags

Considering that Tuesday was Valentines Day, I’m uhhhhh a little late on this, but I did want to share with you my Gift Tags for this past Christmas, as I was really happy with how they came out.

I kind of stole part of the idea from my Aunt, who has always taken her gift wrapping super-seriously. Her christmas gifts are basically works of art. Perfectly matching ribbon, fancy tags, and always, ALWAYS, a themed ornament as a wrapping decoration/part of the gift.

Her appreciation for the presentation of the gift is something that’s rubbed off on me, and the last few years I have also picked up this meticulous wrapping style, complete with keepsake ornament decoration.

Problem was that this year, while I found a wrapping paper theme that I loved – I just COULD NOT find tags that matched that weren’t either super expensive, or super cheap looking.

And then one day I was doing some organizing of my craft supplies (read: making a massive mess tearing them apart in the search for something specific), and I found a fabric remnant that I bought years ago featuring a repeating white silhouette of a deer. And wouldn’t you know it, it happened to match my black/white/red/green/woodland wrapping theme for this year perfectly.

Well, considering that this past year I’ve gotten back into embroidery after a 20 year hiatus (full post on that is in the works) – I had found my perfect solution. Some 3 inch hoops, some shimmery embroidery floss, and some hot glue and felt later I had managed to kill two birds with one stone – providing not only perfect personalized tags, but my traditional yearly ornament in one fell swoop.

My only fear is that I’ve now set the bar too high, and won’t be able to find a fabric that’s as easily adaptable for this coming Christmas!

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  • Timiae

    So beautiful! I embroidered obsessively a few years ago, but haven’t done much more than a single ornament last year since then. I really love how your ornaments/toppers came out and feel a little inspired. Maybe it’s time to drag the floss and felt out again…

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