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Magpie’s Pinterest Test Kitchen: Bacon Broccoli Cheddar Crustless Quiche from Budget Bytes

Oh hey? Guess who is finally capable of cooking again? Without having a nosey puppy up my ass 100% of the time?

This girl.

Ohhhh yea, Haruka has finally settled down and become trustworthy enough that I can cook without her nose going in everything (including the stove). And I couldn’t be more excited to finally resurrect what I had always intended to be a recurring feature for the blog: Magpie’s Pinterest Test Kitchen.

BBCQuiche 1

Although, can you really resurrect something that never really got started?



For this first post back in the cooking saddle I tried out a fairly easy one: Bacon Broccoli Cheddar Crustless Quiche from Budget Bytes.

And guys? Instant hit.

Although idk how anyone gets 8 servings out of it. The slices are very small if you divvy it up into 8 pieces. I’d say it’s more like four servings – one slice was nowhere near enough food to satisfy me since it was so broccoli heavy. Or maybe I just have unrealistic quiche portion size expectations.

Probably that last thing. I have a well-documented portion control problem.

BBCQuiche 2

It wasn’t nearly as difficult as I expected it to be, either. I don’t know why I thought making a quiche would be difficult? I just kind of always assumed it would be a big pain in the ass. Maybe because it’s French, and idk… I feel like French recipes are hard.

But without the crust, it’s actually super easy. Precook what you gotta precook, mix up some eggs with some milk (and cheese) and viola. Quiche.

Idk why it’s always been such a scary concept to me.

BBCQuiche 3

I didn’t even change the recipe much – and not at all in any way that mattered. Which if you’ve been around here long enough to remember my cooking habits, you’ll know that’s a huuuugggeeee deal. I always change stuff. Sometimes it’s to fit my tastes, but mostly it’s because I’m lazy. Or forgot something at the grocery store.

But this time I basically only changed the fact that I used fresh broccoli instead of frozen, and didn’t use the seasoning salt – just regular salt and pepper.

BBCQuiche 4

I guess technically I also eyeballed the cheese measurements instead of measuring exactly, but I’m decently accurate at eyeballing solids like that thanks to baking with my grandmother. So I’m not gonna count it.


But yea – so this is definitely a keeper recipe for sure. Quick, easy, and delicious. 10/10 will make again.

Magpie's Pinterest Test Kitchen_

Original Recipe from Budget Bytes

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