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The Good Things Jar

Good things Jar

I saw a pin on pinterest the other day with a brilliant idea. I don’t have a link to the pin here, because I can’t seem to find the original source of the pin – all the pins simply take me to the image or a pic dump on some buzzfeed-type site (So if anyone knows the originating source, please let me know so I can give credit where credit is due). The idea goes something like this (direct quote from the pin): “Every January start filling an empty jar with notes about good things that happen. Then on New Years Eve, almost 12 months later, empty the jar and see all the incredible things that happened over the course of the year.”

This fits in so perfectly with my new years resolution to start savoring the small things in an effort to regain some positivity that I just couldn’t pass it by. So I grabbed a mason jar, decorated it with some washi tape, and with that I present to you: The Good Things Jar.

Throughout this year, I’ll be making note of all the happy little things (and the big things!) that happen on scraps of paper, folding them up, and putting them in this jar to wait for 2015 to come around. Hopefully, this will not only help me be mindful of the positive on a daily basis, but will provide a cute and happy treat for the first couple days of 2015 as I read through them.

I must say, so far, so good. As you can see I’ve got a few slips in there already, and I can notice myself making mental notes of the happy little experiences in the everyday more. Are any of you doing this good things jar thing? If so, have you noticed it making a difference in your overall mentality?

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