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I’ve Been a Bad Girl…

All together

So I told you last post that I broke my spending rules already thanks to a trip to NY. Here’s the fall out.


These first two skeins aren’t technically rule violations – my mom gifted them to me. A skein of Jitterbug and a skein of Cascade Heritage Silk. Both so beautiful, and ohhhh so soft.

Cascade Heritage silk

When she told me to pick out two skeins of sock yarn for myself, I tried to veer away from my usual color choices of purples, pinks, and greens and instead go for something more neutral. They’re both just neutral enough to still be considered neutral, but still interesting enough to hold my attention. I don’t know what it is, but I have trouble buying single-color yarns.

And after this, I still did good. There were so many other skeins that tempted me to make a purchase at Knitty City… but I did resist. Until the next day anyway, when this happened at Knitting Nation:

Madeline Tosh Merino light together

Madeline Tosh Merino Light in Plaid Blanket and Spectrum. But oh, just look at the colors in Spectrum! And Plaid Blanket is just so delightfully… earthy.

M Tosh spectrum close up

But it gets worse, because then this happened too:

malabrigo worsted

Malabrigo Worsted in Malambo

And then this:

manos pink

Manos del Uraguay Wool Clasica in 113 Wildflowers

And then my mom bought me this as well (so again, not technically a rule violation, but still):

Manos Tardis

Again, Manos del Uraguay Wool Clasica in 110 Stellar. This colorway makes me think of the Tardis for some reason.

sheep stitch markers

And to round out my bad girl rule breaking, the cutest stitch markers ever (again, thanks mom!).

But this is beyond out of hand now. And so I’m announcing an official amendment to the no yarn rule by eliminating the exception (one yarn purchase [meaning enough for one project] per 5 projects completed) until all of these new purchases have been used PLUS the five FOs required for the exception to kick into effect.

Here’s hoping I don’t break this rule again.

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