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Tempted by Sweater Knitting

Sweater pattern collage

Pumpkin lattes are out, and that always triggers a pavlovian response in me. Because of course, pumpkin latte time is sweater time. Never mind that it’s currently 90 damn degrees out as I type this. Facts? Who needs ‘em?

So I’ve been in a sweater state of mind for about two weeks now. My knitting box is starting to look attractive again, I’m itching to pull everything out of storage, and every time I look out a window I’m half hoping that the leaves have already started to turn. But of course, they haven’t. And they won’t for a while. And if I ACTUALLY put on a sweater, I’d be a sweaty horrible mess within 30 seconds, because it’s been one of the hottest weeks of the year here. Augh.

So to satisfy my cravings for fall, I’ve been looking at sweater patterns on Ravelry. I’ve never knit a sweater before – I don’t swatch for gauge when I knit, and I’m pretty sure I’ll never care enough/have the patience to, so sweater knitting is pretty much out of the picture. Too much yarn required (which means too much of a financial commitment) to possibly only end up with something that doesn’t fit.

But it doesn’t mean I can’t look. And maybe drop hints to my mom – who is knitting again, and is seriously a machine (like, seriously, she’s put out more FOs in the year she’s been back to it than I have in my nine years I’ve been knitting times 5).

So here’s a collection of the five sweater patterns that tempt me the most. You know, in case anyone wants to knit for me (all links lead to the ravelry pattern page).

Unbound by Annamaria Otvos

#1: Unbound by Annamária Ötvös. Love this cozy, slouchy pattern. The use of fingering weight leaves me feeling like it’d be pretty light as well – perfect for that in-between weather.

Aidez by Cirilia Rose

#2: Aidez by Cirilia Rose. This cabled cardigan seems like the ultimate cuddle sweater. Can’t you just see wearing it with a comfy vintage tee with leggings and big slouchy socks while curling up with a cup of tea? Augh. Fall. Where are you?

Ease pattern by Alicia Plummer

#3: Ease by Alicia Plummer. Another simple, cozy sweater pattern. Are you seeing a trend in my taste? I guess cozy and slouchy is the name of the game for me this fall/winter. I like this for its simplicity and the fact that there are options to knit it with a hood or without, so it can be either a little more formal, or very casual.

Sari Cardi by Jenise Reid

#4: Sari Cardi by Jenise Reid. Love the construction of this cardigan – it’s like half wrap, half full sweater. Again, perfect for a cozy kind of day, while still staying work-wearable. Plus, I’ve always had a thing for saris. They’re just SO BEAUTIFUL.

and last, but not least,

a hint of summer by isabel kraemer

#5: …A Hint of Summer by Isabell Kraemer. Another light, slouchy pullover like Unbound, but this time with stripes. Again, perfect for that in-between weather that’s fast approaching.

What are your favorite sweater patterns?

[All photos taken from the Ravelry pattern pages, and link back to said page]

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