Burnout… Already?


…feeling: exhausted. Beyond exhausted. Utterly annihilated. My schedule is turning out to be a lot more brutal time-wise than I had expected it to be. I keep thinking to myself, “What’s the matter with me? I had this kind of 7 am to 10 pm schedule in high school, and it seemed so easy then!” I suppose everyone was right: it really does get harder the older you get. So anyway, that’s why it’s been a bit quiet. I’m hoping I’ll have adjusted a bit better by the time this coming week is over though. We’ll see.

Nail polish

…working on: getting the apartment in order. What free time I have had over the last week has been devoted to cleaning and reorganizing the apartment. I had meant to take a whole two days to do so before we started back at school, because I always feel so much more capable of handling stress when my surroundings are clean and organized. But it just didn’t happen. So now I have to do things a piece at a time. 15 minutes here, 15 minutes there. It’s excruciatingly slow. But at least I finally have most of my nail polish organized!

…currently fascinated by: the Babymetal phenomenon. See video above. Warning: LOUD. High school me would have been SO all over this. Everything cute merged with everything metal? Perfect. Although the immensely young age of these girls (16 and 14… and they’ve apparently been at this for two or three years already) does make me a little conflicted – so I’m not really sure what to think, really.

Founding Brothers

…reading: Founding Brothers by Joseph J. Ellis. Overall I’m loving it. His prose is masterful, and it’s sort of episodic in format – each chapter covers a different topic, which is working out well for me because I’ve been really bad about reading recently. But it’s okay, because this one is easy to pick up seamlessly after having neglected it for a few weeks. As long as I try to do a whole chapter at a time, anyway.


…watching: Sword Art Online. I just finished watching this series (or what of it is on Netflix) on the recommendation of one of my friends. It’s very hard for me to watch anime anymore. It just doesn’t really appeal or interest me anymore because so much of it is aimed at and features high school age kids. As such it so often focuses on high school age problems and themes, and I just don’t really enjoy that anymore. But this one was an interesting concept. And even though it featured high school age characters, it didn’t feel like a high school aged plotline, I guess. It did get a little weird with the romance storyline towards the end… like (spoilers), sister-turns-out-to-actually-be-a-cousin-and-then-somehow-that-makes-a-crush-okay kind of weird… but as long as I sort of ignored that, the story itself was entertaining.

What have you all been up to lately?

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