(Sort of) Triumphant Return

So with my last post, I made the reason for my absence clear – the fact that for a few months there I really felt like my life was out of control, in ways both small and large. A lot of stuff was going on all at once, and in the midst of it all, my anxiety issues simply got the better of me.

But now, I feel like I’m getting things better handled, and I’m ready for my return to the blogosphere. Some of those big happenings you’ll hear about in the next couple weeks, some not so much, but for now let’s get the ball rolling with a “currently” post!

Currently I’m…

Stupid puppy face

…obsessing over: this stupid puppy face. More to come about her later.


…listening to: a loooottttt of classical music. I’m prepping a music history/appreciation course, and so I’ve been listening to a lot of stuff I haven’t really had on my radar since my symphony orchestra days. I’m reminded of how much I love nationalistic Russian music. You gotta love good old Tsarist Russian pride (I say as the momentum from my peasant Ukrainian ancestors spinning in their graves speeds up the earth’s rotation a bit…).


…watching: NCIS. Binge style. I love this show so much, and have for years. So now that it’s on Netflix, I’ve binging on it. I haven’t seen some of the more recent seasons because of changes in my schedule and not having cable anymore, so I’m looking forward to getting there and finally being all caught up… although the few whispers and hints I’ve heard have told me (please don’t deny or confirm!) that the Tony/Ziva thing doesn’t play out quite like I hoped it would (happily ever after with a bunch of goofy assassin babies), so I’m moving forward with some trepidation.


…playing: the Dragon Age games. These games are pretty impressive in their scope. I’m not even sure that Skyrim afforded me this amount of new and different gameplay. The way it’s written, depending on the choices you make, each game can essentially be like, 6 different games with a multitude of different outcomes for each. It’s been pretty consuming. The character writing for me is also really engaging.

…reading: not much of anything beyond music history textbooks as I prep for this course. While I made some progress on my book-a-month plan earlier in the summer (admittedly with books NOT on my list, but still pleasure reading), that’s pretty much ended.


…learning: how to play guitar. My parents bought me this super awesome resonator guitar for my birthday, and I’ve been messing with it pretty consistently since. It’s been a really interesting experience, because it’s been a very very long time since I started learning an instrument essentially from square one, without a solid basis in the general technique behind it. I’m learning a lot about myself in the process, honestly.

…feeling: still a bit overwhelmed, but starting to level out. Slowly, but surely.

Slowly… but surely.

What have you all been up to?

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