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So I Made Some Soup

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So a few weeks ago, I made some soup. I sort of based it on this Italian Orzo Spinach Soup Recipe, but, if you’ve been following along with my occasional cooking posts here, you may have figured out by now that I am generally shit at following directions when it comes to cooking. I don’t measure, I change things as I go, and just generally do what I want.

I’m a cooking rebel.

But whatever.

So anyway, as I said, I started off intending to follow this recipe from Gimme Some Oven.

I wanted actual chicken chunks in mine, so I started with some cubed chicken. I then went ahead and added all the seasonings starting with the salt and pepper. I then actually measured out the garlic powder that I use in place of fresh garlic (I HATE chopping garlic. I also don’t like the texture of it). Crazy, right?

I had to ask the apartmentmate where we kept the measuring spoons. Whoops. Guess I don’t use those as often as I probably should.


I then started to get a little lax as I moved through the other spices… Less accurate with the measuring… more willing to take chances… you know the drill. By the time I got to the rosemary I basically was just throwing in what looked good.

And then I realized I forgot the onion, so I threw in a bunch of onion powder to try to compensate…

It was all downhill from there.

Thats a lot of mushrooms

Before I realized what was happening I had thrown in all the mushrooms I had bought for an entirely different dish after realizing that I also forgot the tomatoes, poured in a thing of beef stock instead of chicken stock by accident, and generally just started to make it up as I went.


Basically the only thing I did right after that was use the right pasta.

But in the end, it all came out just fine. Definitely not the recipe I set out to cook, but delicious none the less. It got the Jim seal of approval, and we both went back for second helpings.

Looking good even if its wrong

It also reheated and froze very well – albeit more as a pasta risotto than a soup, as the noodles kept soaking up liquid. Not sure I’m a fan of cooking noodles in the soup, just because I tend to cook soup in large quantities specifically for freezing and leftovers and I’m not sure I like how soggy they get.

So I’d probably do that different next time. And maybe I’d actually follow the recipe. But overall, again, it came out delicious.


Now if only I had any idea what the hell I did and could replicate it.


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