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The Multi-year Totoro Mittens

Totoro mittens in progress

So I started these Norwegian Totoro Mittens (ravelry link)… uhhh… a long time ago. I actually am not sure when I started them, because of course I didn’t log them in my Ravelry Notebook. My Ravelry notebook that’s gone largely neglected the last few years.

Of course I didn’t.

But I do know that they’ve been on the needles a long time. Long enough to have stray strands of fur from my cat Genghis still knitted into them.* And Genghis has been pushing up daisies for several years now, soooo… there’s that.

But it’s time to be done with them. I’ve dragged them back out, and I want them OFF THE NEEDLES by this time next week. Mark my words.

Just in time for spring!

God gracious, do I need to get my knitting shit together.

Do you have a project that you’ve allowed to linger unfinished like this? Or are you someone who has to finish a project before they move onto the next? If so, can you teach me your ways?


*Non-pet owners – don’t judge… it’s pretty much impossible to avoid. Cat hair just clings to certain yarns.

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