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Seven Days, Seven Black and White Photos Instagram Challenge

A few weeks ago I got tagged on my personal facebook/instagram to participate in this Black and White Photo Challenge that’s been going around. It was a pretty neat challenge and forced me to look at what is so often “just another day of the grind” for me with a more creative eye. So, now that I’ve completed it I want to share the photos here as well.

The challenge requires posting a black and white photo a day for seven days, presenting each photo without any caption or commentary, and I feel like the end result was a pretty interesting visual summary of the minutia of my everyday life (as well as exactly what kind of craziness has been keeping me from here). So, I’m presenting it here in roughly the same way (this little introduction aside): as a little visual window into the parts of my life that rarely get addressed or acknowledged here on the blog.

The challenge also required you to tag someone new every day, but since I’m presenting them here all at once instead of day-by-day on my instagram, if this is something you’d enjoy participating in, consider yourself tagged!


Day 1 BW Challenge

Day 2 BW Challenge

Day 3 BW Challenge

Day 4 BW Challenge

Day 5 BW Challenge

Day 6 BW Challenge

Day 7 BW challenge


Have you done the challenge yet? I’d love to see your results!

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