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    Meet Haruka

    World, meet Haruka. Jim and I have been talking about expanding our little fledgling family with a furry addition basically since we moved into the house. The past few years of being out on my own have frankly been difficult without the companionship of a dog under the same roof. My apartmentmate had Olive the cat – but as much as I generally like cats, it’s just not the same. And while I was able to get my weekly dog-fix by visiting Hilde and Linde at my parents – again, it’s still not the same. And so after some deliberation and some waiting for my schedule to hit its summertime…

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    Seven Days, Seven Black and White Photos Instagram Challenge

    A few weeks ago I got tagged on my personal facebook/instagram to participate in this Black and White Photo Challenge that’s been going around. It was a pretty neat challenge and forced me to look at what is so often “just another day of the grind” for me with a more creative eye. So, now that I’ve completed it I want to share the photos here as well. The challenge requires posting a black and white photo a day for seven days, presenting each photo without any caption or commentary, and I feel like the end result was a pretty interesting visual summary of the minutia of my everyday life…

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    Meet Seiglinde.

    I’m a little late on this post, since we got her in June and she’s pretty much a full grown dog by now, but better late than never I suppose. So this is Seiglinde. Pronounced Zig-Lin-Deh. I call her Linde (Lindy) for short. My mom and I spent the entire hour and a half ride up and back from the breeder’s arguing about her name. Ultimately Mom won, since she’s her dog not mine. Seiglinde is Brunhilde’s half sister. They share a poodle father. They are both also characters in a Wagner opera – one of the Ring cycle shows. I don’t know which one. I never cared for Wager.…

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    Instagram Update

    #currentlyreading #goodbook #archery #newhobbie #posttocome #plooper #chickennugget #wait #gooddog #hilde #puppyface #nerdcuddles #shesgettingsobig #autumn #NEPAlove (I know it’s continued to be quiet here. I’m finally starting to get a little bit ahead of things though, so as I polish up the next few posts, I figure let’s do a bit of a visual update featuring pictures from my personal Instagram that won’t make it to the blog account – now that I’ve finally remembered the password for it. I hope everyone has been well and I’m looking forward to getting back in the swing of things!)

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    Quick NYC Trip

    Last week we made a quick day trip up to NYC for a very special occasion: My brother’s senior recital! After 4 long years of toil at the Julliard School, he’s gearing up to graduate, and I couldn’t be more proud of him. The final hurdle (besides finishing spring semester) for a music student is always the senior recital: you put on an entire hour-long concert yourself, and graduation hangs on it going well. Like a giant, public jury. It’s a pretty harrowing experience, even if you’re used to performing. Well, true to form, he did brilliantly. I couldn’t have been prouder of him. He is the most talented person…