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Quick NYC Trip

The Met full with fountain

Last week we made a quick day trip up to NYC for a very special occasion: My brother’s senior recital! After 4 long years of toil at the Julliard School, he’s gearing up to graduate, and I couldn’t be more proud of him. The final hurdle (besides finishing spring semester) for a music student is always the senior recital: you put on an entire hour-long concert yourself, and graduation hangs on it going well. Like a giant, public jury. It’s a pretty harrowing experience, even if you’re used to performing.

The Met Opera

Well, true to form, he did brilliantly. I couldn’t have been prouder of him. He is the most talented person I know, and seeing that talent displayed the way it was is enough to make a sister burst with pride. His playing was amazing (as always) and even more astounding were the pieces he wrote specifically for the recital. They were just wonderful.

Family in front of Fountain

Overall, it wasn’t a very eventful day, we basically drove up, showed our two grandmothers the school (with both at 80+ and one with a bad knee, they’re a little slow on their feet anymore, so this took us a while. But it was really sweet watching them see his school for the first time), grabbed some dinner, and then hit the highlight: the recital.


But, my Aunt and I, annoying as ever with our cameras, did grab some photos at Lincoln Center, and a few in the school itself before we left, which is what I have to share here. The recital itself was kind of a whirlwind, and I was so busy listening that the camera sat in my purse… and stayed there basically until we were rushing to meet our hired van afterwards. Luckily my Aunt was on duty with her point-and-shoot for us to get a few family photos afterwards, so I will have those for my scrapbooks, but none for here!

Recital Hall

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